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Explore the South Carolina waterways with professional wildlife photographer, Eric Horan. This is an invitation to join Horan as he navigates the salt marshes, backwater channels and pristine beaches surrounding the barrier islands.  Travel with a Master Naturalist and 30-year photo veteran whose career includes photo assignment, teaching, presenting, publishing and receiving notable awards in national, juried art exhibitions.  On every tour you will be delivered to some of the best photo opportunities in the region and in every season.

Tours are three hours and limited to small groups (five guests or less) depending on weather and destinations.   All levels of photo experience welcomed and travel occurs only during the best light of the day aboard a 19-ft Carolina Skiff.  Three-hour tours leave the dock either before first light of day or late afternoon for the last three hours of sun down.  Custom trips and special interests may be accommodated in advance and can include kayak, land and marsh trek, bicycle or driving the scenic roadways.

Our southeast coast offers an array of wildlife viewing opportunities.  Each tour explores remote habitats in search of natural wildlife behavior.  Among the species are wading birds, sea and shore birds, birds of prey, a variety of sea life and expansive water scenes as well as land species feeding in the marshes and maritime forest with Horan ever alert for seasonal, migrating visitors taking respite along the Eastern Flyway.  Learn from a professional how to plan, equip with gear for the field, appropriate attire, where and when to go.  Photo tips are shared en route, along with safe and conservation-conscious technique for safe approach of wildlife.


Just before the close of each month, I publish a tour schedule for the upcoming month. all tours, private or public, will run on one of these dates and times. Most trips are private or private groups. To join a public boat trip see below. 

All Tours are timed for optimum shooting conditions:  i.e. light, tides and weather. We do not run tours in bad weather, this includes high winds. If your tour is postponed due to bad weather you can re-schedule using your same deposit.


Before the close of each month, I publish the tour schedule for the upcoming month. Tours, private or public, are run on one of these possible tour dates published on my website. Most trips are private or private groups. 

Private tours:  Whether you are 1, or 5 people, these are fully customizable trips with the opportunity for more individual attention to your photographic skills. Call Eric to discuss your specific interests and needs. Private tours include any destination, any time of year, from Tybee Island, GA to Bull Island (north of) Charleston, SC (Note: locations outside Beaufort require a $50-$75 Trailering fee). Prices for the boat: 1 person - $300, two - $350, three - $390, four - $450, five - $475 (All tours are 2 1/2 - 3+ hrs in length). (All tours are 2 1/2 - 3+ hrs in length).



For those people who want to join a public boat trip: 

1 / VISITORS: If you are visiting but have not secured a tour date before traveling please give me your travel dates + preferred dates and times from my published calendar tour dates. I will do my best to include you on a tour. If you have reserved a date & time from my calendar ahead of your travel and the boat does not fill (3 or more), you will have the option to convert the tour to a private or pick another date in the future. (If you are two people and so not want a private but can come to Beaufort I will get you out for a tour if my time allows)

2 / LOCALS: If you live here locally and want to join a public tour please give me your email address and mobile # and I will add you to my " Seats Open" mailing list. These are trips coming up in the coming week that have a seat(s) available (This list is only for those people who live in driving distance to Beaufort or Hilton Head Island).  

The surest way to get out on the water for a particular day & time is to order a private or private group secured with a $50 deposit. Once the date & time are secured, if you'd like to find others or have me add folks we can convert it to a public boat tour if there's time to fill the seats (3 or 4 depending on tour location). 


Standard rates ( public boat tours): Prices for a public tour: 1 person - $120,

"Seats Open" List Rate: $110 (join the local's "Seats Open" list and join available tours for the discounted rate)

Frequent Flyer Pass  After your 5th tour, all subsequent tour are just $105


There is a $50 non-refundable deposit** due when any tour is ordered. In case of weather delay or trip cancellation this deposit can be applied to any trip any time. This can be payed via PayPal ( Let me know & I'll send a payment request), Credit Card (call me @ 843-524-3037  or by check to Eric Horan, Po Box 456, Beaufort, Sc 29901 (please include tour date and time on the check). Please pay balance @ the tour with cash or personal check (not credit cards).

The deposits are non-refundable. If you decide not to come for whatever reason, chances are I am running the tour with an empty seat. Your deposit will only help, in covering my expenses. These tours and seats are planned and assigned far in advance. When people cancel last minute, it is unlikely that the seats will be refilled.

If your tour is cancelled or postponed due to inclement weather your deposits can be applied to an upcoming tour. During changing weather conditions I will make a decision about running or cancelling a tour 12 to 24 hours before the scheduled departure.

Please supply me with your mobile # and  emergency contact number prior to our trip. PLEASE CONFIRM ALL TRIPS 24HRS PRIOR TO DEPARTURE BY EMAIL -


This Lowcountry ecosystem is extremely rich with a diversity of wildlife that changes with every season. All seasons are an excellent time to be on the water, but everyone will have a favorite.  I have been an avid outdoorsman since I was a small kid, but it wasn't until I graduated from college and went to work for the Colorado Fish, Game parks Department, as a student assistant to their wildlife photographer, that I really knew I wanted to make wildlife photography part of my vocation. In 2004 I completed the "Master Naturalist" coarse offered by Clemson Extension and the Lowcountry Institute. This renewed my commitment to a lifelong path of continual learning about nature & the environment. Most of my guests enjoy that I  teach photography and wildlife behavior.

If you'd like some photo help or tips please be thinking about your current photo issues and we can work on these while we are out. During the tour I will be adding some insight into what we are observing in this unique ecosystem. I have been here exploring these coastal tidewaters since 1981.

Looking forward to having you on the boat! Please take a look at my website for my latest  newsletter  and a list of all the special trips I  am offering for the year, both locally and elsewhere.

I look forward to sharing a photo adventure with you

P.S. Please check out my new coffee-table book, Beholding Nature All natural history images from the South East coastal region, here  on my website

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